Add a Butler’s Pantry to Your Kitchen Renovation

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A butler’s pantry may sound like a relic from a bygone era, but it can make a useful addition to your kitchen renovation, particularly if you do a lot of entertaining. Traditionally it was a short hallway in between the kitchen and dining room, although it can be located anywhere in or near the kitchen. If you plan to add one as part of your kitchen renovation, consider how you will use the space so you know what features to include. Today’s pantries serve a variety of functions.

Display: Do you plan to display your beautiful china, crystal, and serving pieces? If so, glass fronted cabinets are a popular design choice.

Storage:In addition to storing dishes, a butler’s pantry can be a great place to store bar supplies like glasses and wine bottles, giving you a station for serving drinks. Consider installing a small refrigerator or wine fridge if this is its purpose, or use the space to store items you use less frequently, like vases, pitchers, and ice buckets.

Serving: With lots of extra counter space, the butler’s pantry is a great staging area for entertaining. You can set up a buffet or dessert bar. Use it to serve appetizers, drinks, or coffee without taking up valuable kitchen counter space.

Clean Up: Who couldn’t use more space for cleaning up after a party? Today’s pantries usually have a sink for quick clean up and many have a second dishwasher. If your party is catered, this is a great place for the catering staff to set up and clean up.

Design: Since butler’s pantries evolved from homes in the late 1800s, the design choices tend to be traditional. Beadboard cabinets, glass fronts, leaded glass, and subway tiles are common motifs. A surprising number of pantries have chandeliers. Your butler’s pantry can have any look you want, even a contemporary design if that is what matches your new kitchen renovation.


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