Add Storage During A Home Remodeling Project (Part 1)

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Improve Storage in a Mudroom

Home remodeling to add storage doesn’t have to be complicated. A simple shelf and a bench/drawer unit offer sit-down and stash-it spots inside this home’s entryway.

Take Advantage of Your Home’s Structure

Your home may have little nooks and crannies that you see as less than ideal. But they may, in fact, be the best solutions to your storage conundrums. For example, you might think that floor-to-ceiling storage is the only way to maximize organization, but even shorter spots — here, a space that reaches only to the sloped ceiling — offer loads of traditional-depth drawer space, and slim open shelves are perfect for narrow baskets and a television.

Include Helpful Extras

Sometimes extras might not fit into your lifestyle. For example, if you’re not a frequent cook, then a knife drawer may not be a good fit. But for those daily-use areas that end up as magnets for disorganization — keys and wallets, for example — consider amenities that offer quick ways for you to store more with little effort.

Transform Nooks

We all have a tendency to stuff as much storage as we can into any home remodeling project, whether it’s small-scale or grand in nature. But more storage often begets more chaos, and sometimes the just-right amount isn’t overdone at all. This transformation of a charming nook — with pretty patterned wallpaper and a vintage desk and chair — needed only a few baskets for day-to-day paperwork as well as a corkboard for important reminders. The resulting combination is a pitch-perfect redo of an otherwise ignored nook.

Add Storage for Technology in home remodelingAdd Storage for Technology

Cords, printers, chargers, routers: They’re all a fact of 21st-century family life. And while tech offers lots of usefulness for day-to-day needs, its visual appearance can be less than desirable. Built-in storage in high-traffic areas can help: Have drawers and doors installed with cutouts or built-in outlets in the back to hide cords.

Keep Your Best Finds Out in the Open

Home remodeling for storage may mean that you think differently about your stuff and how to store it. For example, many people put their little-used items away, bringing them out only on special occasions and days. If your newfound storage offers open spots that are unusual, too, consider grouping similar colors or same-function items together. Who knows: You might end up using them more, too. — By Kelly Roberson from Better Homes and Gardens

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