Add Storage During A Home Remodeling Project (Part 2)

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Include Shoe Storage

Sometimes during home remodeling, slim spaces feel too small for traditional closets with hanging bars and hooks. They can, however, be great spots for oft-used items that everyone needs access to — say, shoes. Here, a narrow hidden niche beside more built-in storage offers plentiful space for floor-to-ceiling shoes

Use Storage as Display

Remodeling for storage doesn’t have to be boring and hidden from view. Collections deserve the spotlight, and well-done storage is a great way to add beautiful practicality. This pretty nook — filled with loads of flea market finds — is the just-right depth for a single-file display of treasures.

Add Hardworking Garage Storage

Although we use them multiple times each day, garages rarely get the kind of storage love that they deserve. Durable products and simple installation can make quick work of a home remodeling redo to add practical spots for everything from coolers to tools to holiday ornaments. Go for shelves of varying widths and lengths, as well as multiple hooks and adjustability to change the height of extras as needed.

Plan Out Storage Before a Remodel

Some people finish a remodel, then fit items to the storage they’ve created. You can take a different approach: Think through all the items you need to stash in your remodel, then create cabinets to fit everything, including those odd-size items such as awkward-height and slender cleaning essentials.

Add Shelves Without Building home remodelingAdd Shelves Without Building

Home remodeling projects are often intended to take the humdrum out of our spaces, either with inventive details, bright colors, or much-needed practicality. If a renovation budget is limited, it’s OK to add storage with creative reuse of furniture. Here, a vintage shelving unit — repurposed for dining-room-smart storage — gets a fresh coat of bright paint, better to draw attention to the delightfully detailed elements.

Capture Lost Spaces

Getting more storage from your home remodel involves thinking differently about those unusual spaces. Instead of losing inches, you can gain them for accessible storage that actually works better to help you find and organize essentials. This bath cabinet — adjacent to a countertop — is just deep enough for single rows of bottles and boxes, making items easy to find.

Annex the Awkward

Odd spots might be both practical and useful when remodeling to gain storage. This tiny between-the-studs spot, for example, is perfect for just-out-of-the-bath towels.

Look Low for More Storage

Storage experts will tell you that every square inch counts, including those almost-out-of-sight spots near the floor. Awkward items that are slim or oversize are a good match for those spaces: Consider taking drawers down to the floor for easy pullouts that keep clutter at bay.

Try Open Storage

Home remodeling to add storage can be a spendy proposition, so cost-cutting ideas may help you gain extra space without extra investment. This narrow bath nook — just a cutout into an otherwise dead area, with a few shelves for good measure — offers a good spot for necessities such as a laundry hamper and pretty storage baskets. — By Kelly Roberson from Better Homes and Gardens

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