Attic Remodeling Tips

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When attic remodeling it is important to consider a number of areas before embarking upon the scheme, such as:

  • Access – how is the attic going to be reached?
  • Insulation – how will you insulate – thin foil type or traditional thick?
  • Flooring – what type of flooring will you have and will the current flooring support this system?
  • Ventilation – will additional velux windows look out over other people property and as such need additional planning permission?

Once these very basic aspects have been addressed, then the first step is to consider how to produce an efficient attic system. In order to use all the available space then you may need the services of a designer. With sloping walls, limited light as well as extensive ventilation and lighting aspects, attic remodeling is not simply a case of putting down a floor and plastering walls.

Because of the complexities, there is a need to initially analyze your costs before embarking upon remodeling your attic. Work out all the costs that are needed from the obvious such as steps and insulation, to those small but costly aspects such as the need for blinds for the velux windows.

Once the price has been calculated, then you ready to decide how much benefit the attic remodeling will have. If you are doing the conversion simply because you need additional rooms, then you may discover that in fact the cost and the negligible price increase that your house will have with the new room may be better spent on purchasing a new larger house in the area.

All in all, attics are not something easy to remodel and as such, concentrated thought and consideration should be taken before embarking upon such a project.


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