Bathroom Remodeling | 5 Essentials for a Blissful Bath

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Bathroom Remodeling | 5 Essentials for a Blissful Bath

Treat Yourself

Bathroom Remodeling | Sure, budget constraints may have caused you to pass on that rainfall shower during your last reno, but it isn’t too late to turn your master bath into the spa you’ve always dreamed of. Read on for our picks of simple accessories that will make your soak time even more soothing.

Do-it-All Bath Caddy

Sit and soak for a spell with everything you could possibly need nestled into a chic little bath caddy. It will comfortably hold all of your relaxing essentials, including your favorite vintage wine, guilty read, and artisanal aromatherapy soap. The handsome materials will also fit in with your well-designed bath.

Multilevel Stashing Space

Built-in storage can feel like a luxury, but an airy shelf—often called an étagère because of its French origins—can corral towels, bath oils, and other soothing essentials in a cinch.

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Sleek Magazine Rack

Keep This Old House and your other monthly favorites within reach. This rack’s modern design lets you read the spines for easy issue selection and gives pages room to air out after steamy soaks and showers.

Fire-Crackling Candle

Couldn’t squeeze a fireplace into your master bathroom? Now you can settle for the crackling flame of something much smaller: a candle with a wood wick. You’ll enjoy its sound along with the soothing linen scent while you soak.

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Soft Bath-Sheet Embrace

Dry off in comfort by wrapping yourself in a one-size-fits-all bath sheet made from oh-so-soft air-woven cotton. Wondering just how big it is? Imagine a generously-sized beach towel—without the cheesy tropical print. – This Old House

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