Bathroom Remodeling: Ceiling Leaks

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Bathroom Remodeling: Ceiling Leaks

Not all bathroom remodels are done for aesthetic upgrades, some are done out of necessity. Perhaps the previous bathtub was installed wrong or you have another issue listed below. A sign that you made need to upgrade your plumbing and remodel your bathroom is a ceiling leak.

When the ceiling is leaking you need to take immediate action. When you see a drip and it is continuous and does not stop, then you need to shut off the main water valve to the house right away to prevent major water damage to your floors.

Once it has been determined that it is a damaged waterline (the leak will stop after you’ve turned off the water), you will need to open ceilings or walls to determine which area the leak is exactly coming from.  If you notice the leak to be sporadic, then it’s important to determine if it is happening when you bathe, shower, or flush the toilet.


Most times when it’s coming from the bath tub, it’s the overflow, the round chrome plate below the spout. We have found that our customers fill up the tub past this point and if the washer behind this plate is worn, then it cannot seal the water anymore between the tub and chrome plate therefore causing a leak to occur. Tubs usually have an access panel behind the tub, take a quick peek while you’re running the test. If it is a shower causing the leak, then it’s typically from the grout, shower doors, or the trim (the trim is where the handle is to turn your shower on & off) is leaking between the tile and the plate. Again, running a water test by filling up a pitcher of water and running it over the shower trim, will determine the leak. You may have to run that test several times.


Toilets can cause leaks to lower levels, typically when this occurs, the wax seal has gone bad, flush a few times and see if the water is leaking. (Make sure that all other water is off when you do this.)

Check back next week for more tips about ceiling leaks and how to determine where they are coming from, or call us today at Medina Exteriors & Remodeling and let us handle your bathroom remodel and fix that ceiling leak.


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