Bathroom Remodeling Guide: Organizing Your Medicine Cabinet

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Let’s face it, most of your guests look inside your medicine cabinet, whether they admit to it or not. Would you be embarrassed if someone saw the inside of yours? Here are 8 quick and easy tips for beautifying this forgotten little space in your bathroom.

1. Begin by removing everything from the space. Discard anything that may be old or expired. Find another home for things that you don’t use very often… your rubbing alcohol probably belongs in a different spot. Thoroughly wipe down the interior of the medicine cabinet.

2. Remove all shelves and take Martha Stewart’s advice – attach a sheet of precut galvanized steel to the back wall of the cabinet. Now you can attach magnetic hooks for hanging things like eyelash curlers and scissors. Take it a step further and add magnets to the back of small spice containers to hold hair ties and bobby pins.created at.

3. Now it’s time to make it pretty.Take a cue from La Dolce Vita and Spearmint Decor and add a pop of color. Purchase decorative contact paper ( has lots) and adhere it to the steel that you just installed.

4. Put the shelves back in, but make sure to pick their heights strategically. Have lots of tall containers like shaving cream and hand lotion? Put the bottom shelf a bit higher to account for these items. The opposite is true too… if you have mostly smaller items, don’t waste space by putting the next shelf too far above.

5. Now it’s time to begin putting things back in. But wait, this should be done strategically too, as shown by Domino (via Apartment Therapy). Try to avoid the urge to put your entire box of Q-tips back on the shelf… instead, buy a few of these clear acrylic canisters from The Container Store and put only a portion of them inside.

6. Small acrylic risers, also found at the Container Store, can be especially helpful in maximizing space. The folks over at Classic Chic Home have shown how effective this idea can be by creating two levels of nail polish using these risers.created at.

7. Arrange like items such as makeup in one small caddy like the one pictured above from OXO, so that you can easily take the whole thing out in one motion when you’re ready to put your makeup on.

8. Put anything that you have left back into the medicine cabinet, and that’s it… you’re done! Now you have a sparkly new space that your guests will admire when they secretly peek inside at your next dinner party.


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