Bathroom Remodeling | Interesting Tile Shower Designs

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Bathroom Remodeling | Interesting Tile Shower Designs

Bathroom Remodeling | For most homeowners, the majority of bathrooms face the same basic challenge: Making the most of the least amount of space. Designing the best use of that space certainly includes the choice of tile to “set” the tone. Not content to simply be relegated to the level of accent décor, today’s usage of tile often incorporates the fixtures, equipment, furnishings or accouterments. Let’s take a look at some examples of tiled showers we simply can’t get enough of.

Making the rounds

It’s possible to make the limited space within a bathroom expand merely by the facility that tile allows. In this example of a fully appointed bathroom, the robust use of marble stone tile completes a cycle all the way around the room. By installing the clear glass shower stall without any obtrusive fittings, the space is further opened up. Upon close examination, it’s clear to see this room affords no more space than the typical bathroom. However, the size of marble tile that covers from floor to ceiling and the clever use of geometric design copied from the floor into the shower provides a grand scale sensation.

Further, the double-basin vanity similarly depicts bulk and mass. The use of black floor tile in the shower is touched off again in the black tub and basin counter top. The tile step-up into the tub insists upon accommodating the scale and scope. A closer look reveals that all these fittings are buttressed with no daylight between them, yet the layout is not the slightest bit claustrophobic. The use of lighting brightens the room and the reflection in the tile further expands the sense of space.

Open the room by closing in on the space

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At first blush, this bathroom in dynamic black and white appears extra-spacious. Again, the use of larger tiles in a smaller space delivers the powerful sense of “big.” This shower makes use of the tub basin with clear glass doors. The clever opening to both right and left sliders makes for a wider entrance. The simple rectangular tiles are stacked rather than offset and extend beyond the framing of the chrome and glass extending the length of the wall.

Notice the similarly sized tile in black that are positioned vertically as opposed to the horizontal white tiles. By following the long sides of these tiles, space appears extended from floor to ceiling whereas the tub and shower appear to extend the wall from side to side. Setting the floor tiles at a diagonal further creates the sense of broad expanse. By condensing the cabinet space underneath the basin that also stretches laterally, another couple of feet of interior floor space is opened up.

A touch of color

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The modern appointments in this bathroom are even reflected in the unique rounded clear glass chamber. Once again, the use of unobstructed glass and larger tile pieces answer to a sense of spacious area to be filled. Unique to this slate gray and marble stone that would almost seem as though it could be a dungeon is the bright and lively panel of turquoise tiles. This mere strip of color in what would otherwise be a completely neutral color scheme is quite dramatic.

Tile is part of the architectural space

You can see how the use of lines and sizes of tiles give the impression in the typical smallness of a bathroom that this valuable real estate is greatly appreciated. Not only does it enhance the perceived space, it enhances the value of the home. – Modernize

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