Why Bathroom Remodeling is Necessary

Bathroom Remodeling | Bathrooms are one of the most used rooms in our homes. Everyone that lives in the house will probably be in the bathroom at least once and probably more than five times a day so having a comfortable space that you love is important. There are also some important reasons why bathroom remodeling may be necessary, and some can affect your health too.

1. Mold and Mildew are one of the most common bathroom problems and can be difficult to get rid of. Mold can cause significant respiratory problems and even lead to death so removing mold is always very important. If your bathroom is getting mold frequently, it could be because you lack proper ventilation, have broken grout, leaking fixtures, and moisture collecting cabinets and vanities. It may be time to start bathroom remodeling to fix some or all of these issues and stop mold once and for all.

2. Poor Flooring Choicesby the previous owner may be a reason to remodel your bathroom. Carpeting is bathrooms is the worst choice as it collects mildew and Is impossible to keep completely clean. Mold and mildew can grow under the carpet and leave your bathroom smelling musty. Solid wood is also a poor choice for bathrooms because moisture can get into the cracks and grooves in the in the woodgrain causing warping. If you have this flooring in your bathroom, you should consider a full remodel.

3. Accommodating Aging Relativesis a common and necessary reason to start bathroom remodeling. As homeowners grow older, getting in and out of bathtubs can become trickier. You may also consider flooring that is slip resistant and toilets that sit taller so that there is less bending at the knees to sit down. There are also many ADA compliant bathroom fixtures.

Sometimes bathroom remodeling is necessary and vital to your home or your own health. When you want to make your bathroom remodel dreams come true, choose Medina Exteriors & Remodeling, a company with experience you can trust.