Bathroom Remodeling | The Best Lighting Fixtures

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Bathroom Remodeling | The Best Lighting Fixtures

Bathroom remodeling projects have been taking off in the past few years — today the bathroom’s design is just as important as the kitchen’s, making bathrooms with a universal appeal in design and aesthetics more in demand than ever. And that includes lighting. Younger homeowners might like the vibe and ambience of colored LEDs in the shower and tub, while aging homeowners might need more light to make their space work. 

While so many of us love the crisp bathrooms with endless slabs of white or cream stone, the lack of material contrast makes visual cueing and distance perception difficult — no matter what your age. Even the average person can get lost in a sea of white.Creating a universal lighting scheme for your bathroom doesn’t mean it has to be dull. Here are some examples of lighting techniques and material selections that can make your bathroom sparkle, without the glare.


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