Bathroom Remodeling Tips: Keeping Your Bathroom Tidy

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Make things easier on yourself. Work smarter, not harder, to keep your home bathroom tidy and clean. Below, we’ve put together some bathroom remodeling life hacks for you to put in your arsenal.

  • You can shave in the shower if you wipe your mirror with shaving cream beforehand. Now the mirror won’t fog up during your shower.
  • Use Alka-Seltzer to unclog a drain in the bathroom, and use dish soap and hot water to unclog a toilet.
  • To clean your shower head, soak the shower head in a Ziploc bag filled with water and vinegar. Leave it soaking overnight with a rubber band holding the Ziploc bag in place.
  • Want to read in the tub but don’t want to drop your new e-reader? Just put your e-reader in Ziploc bag before getting into the bathtub.
  • Don’t want to turn on the bathroom light and wake someone up at night? Buy a toilet seat with a built-in night light. Now you can see without a bright light blaring in your eyes and you can fall back asleep easier after you go back to bed.
  • Can’t get your shower doors clean? Wipe the shower doors down with a dryer sheet to remove soap scum.
  • Rub shower fixtures with slices of lemon. The citric acid in the lemons will help break down the soap scum and make the fixtures look shiny and new.
  • bathroom remodeling tipsKeep the bathroom smelling fresh by placing a few drops of essential oil on the inside of the toilet paper. Just let the drops fall on top of the cardboard tube on the inside.
  • One of the biggest problems people have with their bathrooms is that they’re cluttered and they don’t have enough storage space. To add storage space to your bathroom, use the empty space above the door. Install storage shelves above the bathroom door for storing items like extra toilet paper and clean towels.
  • If your bathroom is being remodeled, ask if built-in storage can be included in the shower and the bathroom cabinets. This will pay off later once you start using the bathroom and need space for your shampoo, conditioner, soap and toiletries.
  • Mount a wine rack in the bathroom for towel storage. You can hunt for one at yard sales or at a thrift store.
  • Tired of your hair dryer and curling iron taking up too much space in the bathroom? Attach a magazine organizer or PVC pipe to the inside of a cabinet door in the bathroom. Now you can wrap up the cord on your hair dryer and store it out of sight.
  • Get your makeup out of the way with a magnetic makeup board made out of a picture frame. You can DIY this bathroom project for a small cost.
  • To make your bathroom feel larger, install an over-sized mirror above the vanity. Take it a step further and frame your bathroom mirror to make it look finished and stylish. You can frame the mirror with affordable molding. Just make sure to paint the inside of the frame so the color won’t show in the reflection.

Enjoy these tips, and hopefully, they will decrease the time you spend cleaning and organizing your bathroom. — From Modernize

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