Bring the Outdoors Into Your Kitchen With a Garden Window

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How can you create a sense of light and space in your future remodeled kitchen if there’s limited floor space and only one window? Consider a garden window. A garden window is similar to a bay window; it is three-dimensional and projects beyond the wall of the house. Usually garden windows are smaller than bays and are traditionally used in kitchens where homeowners would like to expand the available light. If you’re thinking about installing a garden window during your kitchen renovation, here are some things to consider:

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  1. They can be found in a variety of sizes and widths – although the average width is 17 inches.
  2. They actually add to the room’s space and create a panoramic view.
  3. The additional glass surface allows more light to enter the room than a traditional window, up to twice the amount.
  4. Most standard window openings can accommodate a garden window.
  5. Make sure you purchase a weather resistant model. It should have a tight seal, be made of maintenance free material, and have a sloping top glass panel to prevent the accumulation of moisture.
  6. You can find contemporary, traditional, country designs, and a host of other choices.
  7. Most homeowners use their windows’ ledges to grow plants, flowers, herbs, or vegetables year-round.
  8. You can also use it to display knick knacks, adding to the kitchen’s counter and work surfaces.
  9. Many come with UV protection and energy-efficient features, such as triple panes and argon between the panes.
  10. Many homeowners install them behind the sink (since that’s often where you find the kitchen’s window) when they remodel their kitchen to create additional space and storage in that area.
  11. Larger versions can take a window seat.

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