Choosing your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

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Choosing Your Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

The knobs and pulls for your new kitchen cabinets may not be the first thing you think about when designing your custom cabinets but they make a large impact on the overall design. Whether you prefer aesthetics or functionality below are a few tips to help you choose.

Work with your kitchen cabinet designer
Working with your Medina team and the new selection center you can select not only the style of cabinet, but also the style of the cabinet doors and the finish. Your designer will be very helpful in suggesting options for knobs and pulls to match the cabinets you select.

Match the hinges
Most new cabinet designs don’t have visible hinges. If your new cabinets will have hinges that show from the outside when the cabinet doors are closed, you will probably want to select knobs and pulls that match the color and style of the hinges. It’s highly likely that your kitchen cabinet designer can get hinges that match your knob selection rather than having to match your knobs to the hinges.

Choose a knob or a handle pull for your drawers and cabinets
You can use either a knob or a handle pull for your drawers and cabinets. Both are functional, so the decision to use a knob or pull is an aesthetic decision, not a use decision.

A recent trend is to use larger knobs on drawers. Handle pulls are great on wider drawers. Another recent trend is using longer pull handles on tall cabinets. The longer line of the pull looks great with the longer line of the cabinet edge.

Choose a style
Designers classify kitchen cabinet hardware into three broad categories: Traditional, contemporary or transitional.

Choose a finish
Every collection has multiple finishes for the knobs and handle pulls. Options for choosing a finish include matching the cabinet finish, choosing a finish that is compatible with that finish, matching the kitchen faucet finish, matching the finish on the appliances, etc.

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