Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

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“The sewer is the conscience of the city,” said Victor Hugo in Les Miserables. In the same way, the bathroom is the conscience of the home, and it charges dearly for the privilege. In 2014, the average midrange bathroom remodeling project cost $16,128. The average bathroom addition was $38,186. Someone’s college tuition was, quite literally, flushed.

So don’t botch it. Look out for these common bathroom design mistakes. And admire some excellent bathrooms that didn’t botch it.

Slippery floors

Small, glossy ceramic tiles are slipperier than a Capitol Hill politician. Simple solutions include covering the floor with rugs or acid-etching the surface to add texture. A polished stone mosaic is an excellent non-slip alternative.

No storage

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Inside of every woman is a squirrel that loves to store shampoo, luffas, mascara, anti-frizz spray, and 20 or 30 other salon products. For that reason, every bathroom requires a vanity cabinet or freestanding storage. Outside of a powder room, a pedestal sink simply won’t do.

Small mirrors

Also inside every woman is a princess who asks, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Remember this rule of thumb: The bathroom mirror should be at least as large as the family television.

Clashing hardware

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A polished chrome water faucet doesn’t, can’t and won’t match with a brushed copper hand towel ring. Bathroom hardware like door handles, towel racks and toilet paper holders should be bought in sets.

Displaced toilet

Never position a toilet next to the door. The reason: acoustic privacy.

No more needs to be said.

Cheap paint

Bathrooms are exposed to drastic temperature extremes and high humidity. Mildew-resistant interior paint and proper ventilation protect the underlying structural materials and prevent the growth of mold spores, which can cause sickness and slash the resale value of a home.

Difficult to clean

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Time and diarrhea wait for no man. Tight toilet clearances, curbed showers, low-lying tubs and small closet doors can make cleaning a chore.

Lack of light

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Bathrooms should come with large frosted privacy windows – don’t use cloth drapes in a full bath – or skylights to take advantage of natural lighting.

Not planning for two

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In a family of four or more, a double sink, double shower or double towel rack is not a luxury; it is a basic survival skill. Any home with more than two bedrooms requires a bathroom capable of hosting two or more occupants. Anyone up for a couple’s commode? Anyone?



By Tim Smith From Modernize

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