Contemporary and Modern Kitchens

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Contemporary and Modern Kitchens

At face value, the words “contemporary” and “modern” have very similar meanings. Contemporary refers to belonging to or occurring in the present, while modern indicates present or recent times. So, when it comes to contemporary versus modern kitchens, you may be left wondering – are the two styles the same or different? This is an excellent question, especially since during recent years the two descriptions have been used interchangeably so often that it is easy to get them confused. However, while there are some similarities between contemporary and modern kitchen designs, there are also a number of unique features that set these two styles apart.

Traditionally speaking, contemporary style refers to the designs of the moment or the design of “right now”, while modern style typically refers to specific design touches from the early to mid-20th century that broke with the traditional styles before the Industrial Revolution. In simpler terms, many designers consider contemporary as encompassing a number of different styles that are current or en vogue and modern as a style all its own. When it comes specifically to kitchen design, contemporary and modern styles have both similarities and differences.

The characteristics that both contemporary and modern kitchens often feature are:

  • clean, linear lines;
  • sleek styles; and
  • a focus on function (i.e. extra storage space, stainless steel appliances, etc.).

The characteristics that contemporary kitchens often feature are:

  • new, trendy styles;
  • simple, monochromatic finishes;
  • brightly colored glass or metallic backsplashes;
  • a focus on art pieces, vibrant colors or unique materials that are new to the kitchen-design scene; and
  • overall design schemes that incorporate other styles such as traditional or classic.

The characteristics that modern kitchens often feature are:

  • sharp corners;
  • straight, horizontal lines;
  • classically designed lighting;
  • little or no use of decorative accessories (i.e. wainscoting, fancy hardware or crown molding); and
  • light, calming neutrals on the walls with dark hardware and countertops (or vice-versa) for an eye-catching contrast

Whether you choose a contemporary, modern or completely different style for your kitchen, Medina Exteriors & Remodeling is dedicated to providing you with the best design and hardware. Our ideas, combined with your needs result in an amazingly designed kitchen that will make you the envy of your family and friends. Below is an example of both contemporary and modern kitchens, from the description above can you tell which kitchen is which?

modern kitchen1contemporary and modern kitchens


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