Creative Staircase Storage

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Creative Staircase Storage

There are some spaces in homes that are wasted & not used. Space that could be used for organization, office space, seating areas, & so much more. One of these areas is under the stairs. It may be only a tiny space, but there is so much that you can pack into that small area to make your home seem so much larger. A relative quick and easy remodel with us and you can not only have a smart new storage space but a beautiful one. This space can be redesigned into custom bookshelves, stunning pull out storage drawers, a walk in closet, a fun space for your furry best friend and so much more. Not only is under the staircase a possibility but above too! If you have the setup like below you can build a playroom about the staircase for extra square footage and play space for the kids. Or maybe a quaint reading nook. Check out the staircase storage designs below that inspired us.

staircase storage

 staircase storage Extra Space4

Extra Space3

Extra Space5

Extra Space7Extra Space6


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