Deck Remodeling Trends: The Design of a Deck Canopy

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Are you confused about what a deck canopy really looks like? Well, it may come confusing and surprising when the deck canopy that was originally manufactured as light roofing for deck was originally designed to be installed permanently. Now, the real purpose of deck remodeling sun shield is to give you an option to have light roofing when you need it and to still have an open space deck which you originally planned your house to have. Convenient isn’t it?

Now more than ever, the continued development of deck shades brought a new product in the market. To make our lives even simpler, automatic deck canopies are now being sold with the capability of allowing you to manually control the rollers of the deck canopy with just a single click. Opening the top panel by a series of mechanical folding to have that open space environment on the deck will just require you to have a remote switch.

Before, with the advent of extendable and retractable technology, the only way to have the panels folded and tucked is to manual adjust the rollers by using a chord or string connected to them. This manual adjustment allows you to have a partial shade if you want to by just pulling the string halfway or to completely enjoy an open air atmosphere by having the rollers pulled all the way.

These deck shades can also be substituted by umbrellas but they cover quite a large area in the deck unlike what umbrellas do. Making your deck a living extension of your home would be quite inappropriate to look at when using umbrellas but really cozy on the other hand using deck shading.

Basically, the deck remodeling shade now appears in variety of innovations and forms. Anyhow, all of them are installed on the deck. If it is installed to cover a large area in the deck then it can be considered to be a deck shield.


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