Earth Friendly Floor Trends: Part One

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Trendy, sleek and durable as time itself concrete flooring jumped from bare-bones utilitarian to top choice for floor trends. Thanks to a multitude of available colors, textures and finishes, concrete can adapt to almost any decor. Of course, it helps to already have the concrete in place with sub-floors. However, earth friendly doesn’t always translate to comfortable. Concrete is a very hard surface and is not friendly to walk on all day, or for a baby to fall on. Keep these factors in mind when contemplating this new fashionable floor trend.

floor trends

floor trends



Cork flooring is much more comfortable to walk on than traditional hardwood and most certainly tile. Cork became popular for it’s amazing acoustic qualities and was often used in music rooms and radio stations. Thanks to new factory finishes, cork is far more durable than it was just a few decades prior. But it is susceptible to moisture damage and will fade when exposed to sunlight. As you can see below cork comes in more than just one color and lcan look more like hardwood than in previous years.

floor trends

floor trends

The concrete floors would make a great inexpensive option for a basement and cork would be ideal for a music room or home theater room. Contact us today.



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