Earth Friendly Flooring Trends: Part Two

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Rubber flooring made from recycled tires is something most people think of for playgrounds or local gyms. However, this earth friendly flooring is finding its way in to our kitchens, sun-rooms and bathrooms as a versatile and beautiful option. It is comfortable to walk on and water resistant and now comes in many colors and patterns.

earth friendly flooring

earth friendly flooring


Earth friendly or not home owners like the look of wood in their homes. Bamboo fits both bills. It is actually a grass that shares similar characteristics as hardwood.  It is durable, easy to maintain and is easy to install.  Bamboo is sustainable and made from natural vegetation that grows to maturity in three to five years, far less than the twenty years trees can take.  Bamboo, while usually very light, is available in many hues that will work in any setting or decor.

earth friendly flooring3 

earth friendly flooring4

Wool Carpet

Carpet is a standard choice but is typically made using toxins that are harmful to the environment and to our health.  There are eco-friendly options though.  Consider carpets made of wool.  Wool is a natural resource spun into a thread that can be dyed any color imaginable, and then be woven to create a carpet.  It is one of the first materials to beused as a floor covering, is very durable and can last centuries

earth friendly flooring

earth friendly flooring2

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