Extra Kitchen Storage Solutions

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A request we get often when working with our clients is to create more storage, but clients still want their kitchen to look and function great. An easy fix to create extra kitchen storage solutions is to extend the cabinets to the ceiling. By extending the cabinets to the ceiling you can maximize the kitchen storage space instead of wasting the space above the cabinets, or what we like to call dust collectors.

floor to ceiling cabinets

Another area that is commonly forgotten are corners next to doorways. Instead of leaving this area empty, simply add a corner cabinet to your custom kitchen design. Many clients are delightfully surprised with just how much space they can utilize with their new custom corner kitchen cabinets.

Corner cabinet storage

One of our favorite ways to develop kitchen storage solutions for clients involves using the space they currently have, but upgrading how they access their storage. By installing pull out shelves we grant clients easier access to their items and thus make storage easier for them.

custom sliding drawers


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