Floor Plan Ideas for a Kitchen Remodeling Project

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Kitchen Remodeling | (Pictured above) In a kitchen broken up by several doorways, the solution was an island-based layout that divides the 22×13 space into five zones: cooking, food storage, baking, breakfast, and meal prep/clean up. Wide traffic lanes throughout promote easy movement to and from the kitchen, as well as around the island.

The range, housed in a separate niche, is the cook’s domain, located safely away from the busiest traffic routes. The cook and guests can smoothly converge at the island, with one side housing the sink and dishwashers, and the other offering seating for casual diners.

The refrigerator and microwave are set opposite the cook’s side of the island: convenient during meal prep, but also easily accessible to those just seeking snacks and beverages. A walk-in corner pantry is roughly equidistant to the range, island, and refrigerator, leaving a short commute for comestibles.

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Stealing a couple of feet from the adjacent garage made this kitchen wide enough for an island, which holds the cooktop in a central spot. Downdraft ventilation eliminates the need for a hood, which would have put a visual barrier in the middle of the room.The island is framed by generous stretches of countertop space, including one wall that accommodates the sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave. This consolidation of essentials — all opposite the cooktop — saves steps for the cook.The working part of the 15×18 kitchen opens into an eating area, creating a setup for casual meals or parties. For more formal occasions, a doorway to the adjacent dining room eases serving and cleanup.
kitchen remodelingThis 15×20 kitchen employs the L-shape-with-island layout that has become popular in contemporary design. The configuration accommodates a long island while enclosing the kitchen on only two sides, leaving the room mostly open to adjacent living areas. In this case, a partial wall separates the kitchen from the dining room. The two spaces retain their visual identities, yet there’s easy movement between them, a boon for entertaining.The long L trades the traditional work triangle approach for widely separated zones — one for cooking, one for prep/clean up, and one for food storage. The island acts as a way station — an intermediate stop between zones.This layout also is good for multiple cooks and helpers because there is plenty of counter space for all. Guests who aren’t helping can share the island with those who are.
kitchen remodelingThis plan takes the L-plus-island idea and gives it a tweak by abbreviating the short leg of the L and making it even with the outside edge of the island. This creates an express lane for traffic moving through the 12×18 kitchen on the way to the family room while shielding cooks and helpers as they move among the sink, dishwasher, range, and refrigerator.The island is a shared buffer zone, providing counter space on the cook’s side and seating on the other for guests, spectators, and casual diners. A short pass-through between the kitchen and dining room serves as a butler’s pantry. It includes a wine cooler and storage for bottles and glasses. – Better Home and Garden

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