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As a home owner prepping for work on a home renovation project, the power to achieve a successful result lands mostly in your hands. While your remodeling contractor and staff will handle the bulk of the hands on work, you can help move the project along smoothly by doing these few things.


You need to be open about sharing your ideas, concerns and limitations with your contractor. It is better to talk too much than not enough. The contractor will have more knowledge on what limitations are plausible and what ideas can actually be implemented. However, don’t assume that your contractor knows what you want or understands your vision. You should feel comfortable being completely honest and candid with your contractor (if you don’t feel comfortable then you may have the wrong contractor). Some of these conversations may not be totally comfortable, budget restraints are normally difficult to discuss. Things will run smoother if you communicate openly from the beginning.


You also want to avoid creating unnecessary stress and headaches. This means no unpleasant surprises or last-minute changes. Proper planning and detailed agreements in writing can help ensure everyone is one the same page. With remodeling projects it’s a balance of figures, whether they are budget numbers or physical measurements within the project. Last minute surprises can throw off the alignment of products (counter tops, appliances, cabinet structure). A one inch change in an appliance has the potential to throw off an entire design plan and could wreak havoc on the project.

At Medina Remodeling we walk you through all the steps and plans from the beginning to avoid these issues. Give us a call at 330-591-4040.


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