Home Remodeling: Converting Your Attic

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Home Remodeling: Converting Your Attic

Home Remodeling | Sometimes, utilizing every spare inch in your home for livable space means finishing places like your attic. If you decide to remodel your attic, be sure it gets adequate light, is fairly inexpensive to cool and heat, and is large enough to make into a comfortable bedroom, home office, or living area to use and enjoy. The expense that typically comes with this type of renovation can vary wildly. So carefully make your plans, stick to your budget, and elicit the help of a professional if necessary.


Average renovation costs for an attic

The general cost of an attic conversion has fluctuated over recent years and costs anywhere between $47,000 and $52,000, depending on where you live. The cost depends on a few key factors such as how far you plan to actually take your renovation, the size of your attic, and the overall structural condition of the space. Local zoning laws in your area may demand a certain square footage, width, and ceiling height of your attic. Other things to consider include incorporating dormer additions and new windows, heating and cooling ductwork, plumbing, and access to new stairways if necessary as well as any permit fees and zoning associated costs.

home remodelingHiring a contractor

If you have to hire a contractor, choose one carefully. Check their references and ask members of your family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors who they recommend. It’s best to choose a contractor with experience remodeling attics, like Medina Exteriors. Also, be sure to get every detail in writing and a minimum of three estimates.

How to cut costs

Depending on your DIY skills, some of the attic remodel can possibly be done by you. The contractor can do the bulk of the structural work by running electrical wiring and ductwork, reinforcing floor joists, and framing walls. Then, simply do the rest yourself.

Stop and ask yourself every step of the way if you really need luxury items, or if sticking to your budget is more important. – Modernize

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