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When you wonder where everyone is going to sit as family and friends visit on special occasions, it’s time to consider a home remodeling project, family room addition. Unlike a second floor or an added bathroom, a family room doesn’t require extensive details for design or installation. You don’t even need to factor in plumbing costs. However, you should take this opportunity to focus on details that create comfort, from extra power outlets to a gorgeous paint color.

Look up and down

A standard addition isn’t just carpeting a floor and adding walls. You also have to factor in a new foundation extension and roof. Both of these items vary greatly in price, based on square footage, location and material style. It’s best to have a seasoned contractor estimate the foundation initially to see if the construction is even possible. An addition can’t cross property lines or reside on unstable soil. An expert’s opinion gives you a great starting point for more cost estimates.

Average cost

For a standard size room of about 400 square feet, you are looking at $200 for each square foot or $80,000 total. This estimate varies based on available materials and local labor rates. You may find some cities to have higher labor rates compared to rural areas, for example. If you decide on high-end materials, such as granite or wood accents, the material cost goes up substantially. You need to strike a balance between beauty and budget for a reasonable cost.

Comfort factor

Factoring in the basic construction cost is just the beginning of your addition’s overall price tag. The new space requires air conditioning and heating. You’ll need to hire an HVAC professional to extend your ducts to the addition. It may even be necessary to upgrade your hardware. AC and furnace systems are specifically designed for a particular square footage. With the new addition, the system may not work efficiently with the smaller hardware.

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Considering electrical needs

Unless you have extensive experience with electrical work, it’s best to hire a qualified electrician for your addition. Labor rates vary by region, along with necessary parts. However, you want to pay for a quality contractor to personalize the electrical system. Ask them to run wiring to an overhead projector for movies or add more outlets in the room than typically installed, for example. Creating a modern addition with areas for gadget charging or extra space for tablet use makes the entire home appear more versatile and new, especially for homebuyers.

Extras: worth it?

Even if you’re cringing at the addition’s price tag, you’ll still want to splurge on a few extras. Opt for double-pane windows to increase your home’s energy efficiency, for instance. Even add soundproof walls to form a movie theater in the addition, keeping sound waves out of the bedrooms and trapped in the entertainment area. All of these extras require a quote for your particular home, but they pay off significantly when buyers visit. You’ll also appreciate the quiet across the home with fun and games remaining where they belong in the family room.

A completed family room addition truly adds a sense of bonding for all visitors, including potential buyers. Add in personalized needs, including a wall-mounted television, but also consider good selling points, such as USB connections near tables or chairs. You’ll end up with a strong resale price in the future.

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