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A healthy home

Mention the word “flu” and everyone grimaces. We like to avoid germs in public but why are we not more health-conscience in our own home? Interior design trends in 2015 will be doing just that, becoming more health-conscience. The new trends will focus more on creating a healthy home with non-touch functionality and products produced with fewer chemicals.

Nearly half of us remodel to prevent potential health problems, according a major home remodeling and design website. The healthy home is the next frontier in home renovation and remodelers have a critical role to play in helping people make changes to improve their home environments.

Whether it’s non-off gassing finishes, no-formaldehyde cabinets or better air filtration systems, homeowners realize a benefit to the family in creating a healthy living space. Hands-free garbage cans and soap dispensers are huge in keeping sanitation standards high, but take this notion one step further and you’ll discover many options for healthy living, including tap-touch and touch-less faucets and toilets.

With fewer chemicals and more products that function without touch there is smaller chance of harmful toxins touching the household members, giving them a stronger chance of staying healthy throughout the year. Mention these ideas when you give us a
call to work on your remodel.

healthy homehealthy homehealthy home


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