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In the many custom home remodeling and stock plan modifications, one request that continues to pop up is the need or want for a screen porch and a covered patio deck. In some cases, the issue is resolved with a separate screened porch and deck. When there isn’t room in the design or the budget, combining the two into one is recommended. Clients are usually puzzled at this point and wonder how is this possible. Afterall, a screen porch has fixed panels right? Yes they do, but if you are using retractable screens or a motionscreen, you eliminate the fixed panels.

Retractable Screens do just as the name implies, they retract when not in use and remain out of sight. You can use them on entry doors, out swing & in swing doors, patio and sliding doors, double french doors, garage doors, and windows. They can be used in new construction or installed in your existing home with ease. They are also puncture resistant, tear resistant, and mildew resistant.

The specific name for the screens on a covered patio deck is called a MotionScreen. At the click of a button, you can turn an open patio deck into a bug and pest-free outdoor living space. When you are ready for an open patio just click the button once more and watch the screens rise and disappear. If the sun is beaming down on the covered patio deck for the better part of your day this can be problematic. However, retractable screens can help with this too. These screens actually block UV rays and the sun’s glare which helps to decrease the patio temperature by several degrees.

If you have a desire for a screen porch but love the openness of your patio deck, consider using MotionScreens. You get the best of both worlds in one space. Retractable Screens are manufactured by Clear View Products. They have distribution all across the U.S. and in several countries abroad including Canada and Dubai. Using a retractable power screen is a great alternative to enclose your covered deck or patio without the permanent fix of screen panels.


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