Kitchen Remodel: Counter-tops Pt2

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Kitchen Remodel: Types of Counter-tops Pt2

One of the most important kitchen design decisions you will make is choosing the right countertop for your lifestyle. A wealth of options is available and factors like durability and appearance will most likely influence your choice. Depending on how you utilize your kitchen will determine what functionality you will need out of your counter-top. Some materials require extra care; a few are close to maintenance-free, and others become even more beautiful as they age. When making your choice, keep in mind that many kitchens use more than one countertop material. So, if it suits your design scheme, don’t hesitate to mix and match. For example use a different design for your kitchen island than your main counter-tops.


Plastic laminate is a durable, hard-wearing material that can survive many years in the toughest kitchen. Plastic laminate is available in hundreds of colors and dozens of patterns, and in various textures.

Pros: Stain-resistant, waterproof, lots of color options, low-maintenance, inexpensive.. Its light weight doesn’t require the support of a thick cabinet base.

Cons: Laminate is prone to scratching, burns and, in some cases, staining. With wear and moisture exposure, the layers can peel. Because of the raw particle board core, you can’t use laminate with under mount sinks, and it’s also difficult to repair if it gets damaged.



Recycled Glass

Recycled glass countertops have a unique appearance that goes very well in homes with a variety of designs. Depending on how the glass is used, glass and recycled glass countertops can look very modern or they can be made to look antique. Recycled glass countertops are popular with eco-friendly homeowners.

Pros:  Recycled glass countertops are very durable: the binder is very hard and they are not prone to chipping or cracking. The countertops are non-porous and therefore are relatively easy to clean and maintain. These products are heat-resistant, stain resistant, and are good for the environment because they keep waste glass out of landfills.

Cons: While recycled glass countertops are relatively strong, they can crack if installation creates stress points. Therefore, recycled glass is probably not the best choice for a DIY home project.recycled-glass-countertops

One of the simplest tips when remodeling a kitchen is to work with what you have! As always, a contractor can help you plan how to reuse your old materials in your new kitchen so they don’t end up in landfills. Visit our selection center in Medina to start browsing options for your remodel.


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