Kitchen Remodeling Battle: Stainless vs. White

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Whether you’re doing a kitchen remodeling project or just giving it a few fresh updates, the color of the appliances can make all the difference, either complementing or detracting from your kitchen’s overall appearance. Stuck deciding between white and stainless? Here are a few things to consider as you make your choice.

Stainless steel appliances: the good

Stainless steel appliances have a beautiful yet modern appearance and are easy to find thanks to their popularity. They are also durable and can last years without showing signs of wear or damage, not to mention they are resistant to rust and water damage. You should also consider that stainless steel appliances may increase the value of your home if or when you are looking to sell.


Stainless steel appliances: the bad

As with anything, there are detractors to stainless steel. A very common complaint is that they are difficult to keep clean since they show fingerprints and smudges. Cleaning them and keeping them clean can be difficult. These appliances also tend to be more expensive than other finishes, which seems to be the biggest detractor for many.

kitchen remodeling Stainless Steel kitchen appliances

When to use stainless steel

Stainless steel is very versatile, since it doesn’t clash with many colors. However, you want to consider more than just color when considering this finish. What theme are you going for? What is the finish on your cabinetry and flooring? You’ll want to be careful of the amount of metal accents you incorporate into your kitchen if you pick stainless steel, otherwise you could wind up with a kitchen that feels cold and sterile.

white kitchen remodelingWhite appliances: the good

The best thing about white appliances is that they are classic, which means they aren’t going to be going out of style anytime soon — in fact, all-white kitchens are a huge trend right now. It’s a very versatile color choice as well. They are often cheaper than stainless steel, too.

White appliances: the bad

This is where it comes down to personal taste. Some people feel that white fridges and ranges aren’t as exciting or contemporary as stainless steel ones. Plus, messes stand out much more against white.

When to use white appliances

White is versatile and can go with modern as well as more traditional kitchen styles. As with stainless steel, you’ll want to consider the overall look you’re going for when choosing complementary a color palette. Once thing to consider when using white is that it can brighten up a dark space, so if you have a small kitchen or want to go with darker cabinets or wall colors, then white appliances are a must. — By Jane Blanchard from Modernize

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