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Kitchen Remodeling | Isn’t it amazing how a new lamp or a fresh coat of paint can brighten up a room? And doesn’t it put pep in our step when we toss those old sneakers and lace up for a jog in the new ones? As time marches on, those things of ours which were once new and shiny can become outdated and worn. Are we still wearing bell bottoms and platform shoes or listening to our music on tape decks? Of course we aren’t! We’ve grown with the times and rolled with the changes.

As we look around our homes, we may realize that they could be a bit brighter and more modern if we made some simple changes. An excellent way to update your kitchen is to install beautiful new granite countertops. Perhaps your laminate countertop was the hottest trend in its day. But now you can see a scratch here or a stain there, and you’re thinking that it’s time to bring it more in line with current styles.

Granite is gorgeous and durable and comes in a wide variety of style and color choices. Not only is its versatility an asset to your kitchen, but you can depend on it to look magnificent for many years to come. And a soft cloth and mild cleanser are all you’ll need to keep it that way. Among home builders and remodelers, granite is the most popular natural stone chosen for countertops. It resists scratches, stains, and heat. And its polished surface makes a bold dramatic statement as it highlights your cabinets, faucets, and appliances.

Granite is cut from large slabs of stone and may come with polished, textured, or matte surface. As you consider colors and styles, understand that some may be more porous and may require a sealant to protect the finish. There are cleaning and sealing products on the market which are designed specifically for granite countertops. Whether you choose a light, airy color or something dark and bold, you may want to ask the vendor if you can view the slabs themselves so that you can get a better idea of which one will work best with your decor. The dealer may even allow you to take small samples home for comparison.

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Cost estimates are contingent upon several things. A complex job featuring corners and various levels may cost extra. It is wise to secure bids from several different contractors so you can shop for the price which best fits within your budget. In addition to the granite itself, you must account for peripheral expenses like the sink cutouts, mounting of fixtures, and edge fabrication. Granite edges include the very simple eased edge, the more contemporary bullnose edge, the intricate ogee edge, and several others. You can research these specifics online so that you’ll know the costs and benefits of each.

While factors such as geographical area and local availability of the granite will affect costs, you must also consider materials and labor. Whether you choose to do it yourself or hire a professional fabricator and installation team, conscientiously weighing the costs is a wise decision on your part. You may consult the websites of home improvement stores, walk through your kitchen with a contractor, or read online reviews written by homeowners who have also chosen granite to upgrade their kitchens. You also benefit from living in our advanced technological age because you can log on to the internet, choose a website, key in the specifics of the project like square footage and complexity, and make use of an online calculator like the one at Homewyse. – Modernize

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