‘Must Do’ after Holiday Remodeling (Pt 1)

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Remodeling before the Holidays doesn’t always get done as quick as we plan and having guests over just remind us further why these projects need attention. A kitchen without enough storage, guest bathroom not big enough or living space closed off and lacking space. Don’t worry you have time, a whole year in fact. Here are some ideas for next year’s renovations.


Upgrade your basic construction kitchen. Most family gather in the kitchen over the Holidays because lets face it, that is where all the yummy food is. Small projects can make a big impact here. Upgrade the cabinets with custom cabinets and brand new hardware, install a new island with a sleek counter top and ample storage underneath or replace your standard sink with a large apron sink equipped to handle the extra dish volume. Check out a few of our favorites below and check back tomorrow for Part Two.

holiday remodeling holiday remodeling2

holiday remodeling holiday remodeling1

holiday remodeling3 holiday remodeling4


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