Newest Home Remodeling Trends

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Newest Home Remodeling Trends

Remodeling for Accessibility

Newest Home Remodeling Trends | Aging in place — the ability for people to stay in their own homes as they grow old and their physical and mental abilities change — has become a buzzword in the past few years, and that in turn is influencing home remodeling. Remodeling for accessibility means making choices like eliminating tripping hazards (transitions between rooms, for example) and stairs in favor of open designs that maximize mobility.

Style Mash-Up

The make-it-your-own remodeling trend continues, which allows homeowners the design freedom to mix styles in a way that’s pleasing to them. For some, personalization equals a mix-and-match approach, with elements out of opposing decades — contemporary white walls and floors and a platform bed, light wood accents and textural fabrics — combined together.


Once used mainly as an accent, metal, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, has become a focus element. In the same way as today’s homeowners are mixing together different types of woods, blending metals is a good way to add texture and visual interest to a space in a trend-forward way.

home remodelingThe Connected Home

Tablets, smartphones, apps: They’ve combined to create the most connected world — and home — yet. Tech advances are oneremodeling trend that’s particularly hardworking, allowing homeowners to add flexibility, convenience, and even affordability (such as using your device to turn the lights off). Look for more and more options, especially when it comes to wireless tech: fridges that send reminders to buy milk,lighting ambience controlled remotely, and smoke alarms that alert when batteries are low.

Color Is Key

Saturated colors and brightly rendered patterns equal a design punch that’s a welcome remodeling trend. Those hues offer unexpected energy in rooms, as well as a playful personal touch that’s less about strict color and pattern matching and more about a space’s visual feel. Here, repetitive images on a wall mural offer an abstract, artlike composition, accented by the playful elephant art, dramatic rug, and exuberantly striped pillow.

Stand-Alone Showers and Tubs

Even just a few years ago, combo bath and shower setups defined bathroom floor plans. But now, separate bathtub and showering spaces are key to a trend-forward bathroom. Stand-alone showers often include multiple sprays and jets, and tubs, too, have gotten a makeover: In place of decked-in versions, newer freestanding options (in a range of styles) take up less space but make a sculptural statement in a room.

Customization Is Key

Whether or not it’s really one-of-a-kind doesn’t matter: A top remodeling trend is adding a creative spin on a room and not worrying about standard design rules. That may equal a pop of cool tile in a bath, an unexpected visual showstopper (like the wallpapered risers on these stairs), or a twist on materials (patterned ceilings paired with painted walls).

Eco-Friendly, Energy-Efficient Materials and Supplies

Sure, the Internet has made it possible to connect with a friend halfway across the globe, but it’s also given homeowners unexpected power in influencing remodeling trends. That’s the case with eco-friendly and energy-efficient materials and supplies. No longer is it good enough to slap a label on something and call it good for the earth or claim that it saves energy. What’s also on the horizon is homeowners asking good questions about sourcing, operation, and the like — bamboo floors, for example, that haven’t been trucked too far or those that come from a plant with low-impact waste cycles.

The New Basement Escape

Long gone are the dark corners and storage-filled basements of yesteryear. Today’s top remodeling trends include basements that serve as escapes, whether for visiting guests, work-at-home parents, even devoted hobbyists (think man-cave). Basements (and attics) offer homeowners a way to remodel without doing an addition. And, according to the annual Cost vs. Value report, they’re moving up in home return, too. Look for ways to lighten and brighten your own to lessen the underground feeling — white-painted ceilings, light trim, and whitewashed walls and wood floors. – Better Home and Gardens



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