Proper Care for your Patio Deck

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A wooden grained ambiance makes the perfect patio deck and if properly cared for will always look good against the background of the backyard or at a home with a view. Of course, a weather deck, gazebo or patio that is mismanaged, let go or in a state of disrepair can look hideous and unbecoming of a habitat designed for tranquility.

Various types of wood like teak, cedar or redwood each has its own best management practices, yet all require preventative maintenance to look pristine at all times. One commonality is that they must be cleaned periodically and this means either using a garden hose or a low psi pressure washer. Non-caustic or toxic soaps are best, because as the excess wash water is rinsed you do not want to kill any surrounding vegetation.

A soft bristle brush is a smart idea and a decent amount of water, perhaps put on with a garden hose. After brushing it makes sense to rinse thoroughly and I like to use a pressure washer for this. We recommend a low psi pressure washer or if you have a high-psi pressure washer be sure to keep the nozzle a good foot or more away from the wood to prevent splintering or removing the coating.

If the coating is already coming off or if you plan on recoating the surface, then you need to remove any flaking surfaces as you go, using both the pressure washer and a brush. Under no circumstances should you apply the new coating unless the surface is 100% dry and completely prepped.


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