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Bamboo Floors for Your Remodeling Project

Home remodeling is a major task, but it can often be quite fun picking out the textiles you will use. All homeowners want an end result that is attractive, durable, and up to the latest trends. If you are a homeowner who is opting for a remodeling project that includes a change of flooring, then you should consider getting a bamboo floor.

What Bamboo Really Is

Typically, people consider bamboo to be a type of wood, but bamboo is actually a type of grass. The reason the misconception exists is because bamboo floors are very hard, strong, and durable. It is hard to imagine that could be grass but, bamboo is actually stronger than hardwood. This flooring option is popular among homeowners with pets or children because the floor can withstand abuse.

Simple Maintenance

Apart from installation, a bamboo floor is also really simple to maintain. It can be cleaned easily and since it is made of sustainable material, it does not require hard maintenance in weather changes. Unlike hardwood, bamboo floor is not vulnerable to weather conditions so cold or heat does not make it expand or contract.


When you are remodeling your home, you want floors that tie up the rooms together. Bamboo floors have a unique and attractive look to them. Furthermore, bamboo floors go with all sorts of interior décor, color schemes, and room themes. Whether it is the living room, den, entrance, or kitchen, bamboo floors look great.

Environmentally Friendly

If you are passionate about being green but still want the “hardwood floor” look, bamboo floors are the best green remodeling option. Unlike lamination, you are not going for simply the surface look of wood. You are actually getting all the benefits of wood with bamboo floor without having to take down trees. Bamboo grows rapidly; many even consider it the fastest growing plant. Whereas a tree for hardwood would take decades to be replaced, bamboo is a green remodeling friendly option.

There you have some of the major benefits of bamboo flooring, and why it is an attractive choice for your remodeling project. Give us a call to start working on your floor remodeling project.

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