Rustic Kitchen Cabinet Trend

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Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Browse pinterest and Instagram and you will see the term “rustic” and ‘reclaimed’ a lot, mostly in regards to design themes and furniture. Let us help you brush up on this trend and create the ‘rustic’ country kitchen of your dreams.

Country kitchens are known for their “down home” style, but with the right design touches, they can be the perfect combination of country comfort and high style. When it comes to country kitchen cabinets, a good place to start is with which material you want to use. Traditionally, wood is the material of choice for a more rustic kitchen look.

Pine is a fairly popular choice, because it displays the visible knots for which rustic kitchen cabinets are well known. Pine is also readily available and reasonably priced; however, it’s not terribly strong, and if it isn’t properly treated, it can leak pitch. If you are in love with the pine look contemplate using it in your kitchen table and focus on a more durable wood for your kitchen cabinets.

Cherry, oak, maple and hickory are also popular choices for kitchen cabinets. Cherry sits at the high end of the wood cabinet spectrum—it’s very strong and won’t dent, crack or warp easily, and it offers a gorgeous dark wood appearance. Maple and hickory are also sturdy woods, but each will fall slightly below cherry on the pricing scale. Oak is probably the most popular wood of all for cabinets because of its combination of strength, appearance, availability and cost.

Once the wood is chosen, it’s on to the hardware. There are certain styles of pulls, knobs and door handles that work well with rustic designs—particularly those in the ‘antique metal’ family. Our designers will help you pick out the wood, door style and hardware to match the rustic country kitchen you want. Contact Medina today to help remodel your kitchen in to your dream kitchen.

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