How to Save Money on Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling | Your sink is leaking, your flooring has seen better days, and your toilet clog way too often. Now may be the perfect time for a bathroom remodeling project. Renovations are expensive though right? It’s not always easy to drop everything else and invest hundreds or thousands of dollars into a bathroom remodel. Keep in mind that updating your home adds value which is very important if you ever plan to sell your home or take out a loan or second mortgage. Remodeling a bathroom can also make you feel better about your home which will bring more joy and happiness to your household. Fear not! There are several ways to save money and still get the bathroom of your dreams.

1. Don’t Change Positions-One of the costliest parts of bathroom remodeling is when you must reroute plumbing. Instead of changing where the toilet, tub, and sink are located, upgrade them to fixtures that you love.

2. Use Vinyl Flooring-Vinyl flooring is one of the most inexpensive types of bathroom flooring and can mimic most types of flooring including wood, stone, or tile. Vinyl is also easy to install and take care of, even for families with children who are splashing around in the bathroom.

3. Take Advantage of Rebates and Coupons-Check your local mailers for valuable coupons and deals that local home improvement stores are offering. Some stores even provide rebates or cash back on your entire purchase which means buying your materials all at once may be the best option.

4. Use a Contractor-Using a contractor may seem expensive at first, but when you hire a professional for your bathroom remodeling you can often save money because the project will take less time and have less risk of mistakes happening. Contractors also know how to get the best results for your budget.

Bathroom remodeling doesn’t need to be a budget breaker. Use this advice and a trusted contractor like Medina Exteriors & Remodeling, to save the most on your bathroom renovations.