Small Kitchen Remodeling – 5 Ideas To Maximize Your Kitchen Space

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With the ability to take moderate sizes of kitchen appliances, small kitchen can still be remodeled and maximize its function without having to add extra space. The idea is to maximize the space left and conceptualize small kitchen remodeling ideas that will enhance its visual balance. This will create a visual impression focused on space utilization.

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How to do that? Here are some tips:

1. Storage space

To maximize space, you need to incorporate storage spaces in places which will provide double function. For instance, you can hang a wooden rack on your window without blocking the light. With this, you can display plates and other kitchen utensils. Decorative as it may look, the function is still there and the space maximized.

2. Colors

Always use light colors. They tend to create visual impression of a bigger space. Dark colors appear gloomy and compact. Using these colors in a small kitchen will only create a condensed area.

3. Customized cabinets

To maximize space in your small kitchen, it is best that you let you have your cabinets custom-built. In this way, proper sizes are allocated leaving no unused spaces behind.

4. Customize furniture

If you really cannot do away with furniture such as placing a small table in your kitchen whenever you want to eat meals in it or simply enjoy looking at your wife cook dinner, it is best that you have your furniture customized.

For example, you can have a drop down table built beside the wall. Once used, you just have to easily fold it and additional space is rendered.

5. Lighting effects

Light can do wonders in small areas like your small kitchen. Halogen lights or accent lights can create bigger space and better visual projection. The trick of the eye cannot simply be underrated and the way you have envisioned things in your kitchen will promote harmony and comfort even if you only have a few square meters of an area in your kitchen.


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