Tips to update your kitchen on a budget

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Tips to update your kitchen on a budget

Freshening up your kitchen decor doesn’t have to include crazy budgets and chaotic schedules. In fact, making over your kitchen can be as easy and affordable with Medina Exteriors & Remodeling.

Kitchen Tip: Redoing the counters

When it comes to revamping the counters plan to spend a good portion of your budget here. Countertops are a large contributor to the functionality of your kitchen and must be able to withstand abuse. Popular marble options and other natural stones often require a lot of maintenance, which is a lot of additional cost on top of an already sizable price tag. That is why quartz is highly recommended, because it is available in a variety of colors and is virtually indestructible. In other words, it’s a lasting investment.

If your budget doesn’t allow for quartz counter-tops then consider laminate counter-tops from IKEA or similar stores the sell pre-cut counters with a simple profile. If IKEA and similar stores aren’t available to you then consider source cut-offs. Many fabricators keep cut-offs from recent projects and sell them at a low cost.

Kitchen Tip: Kitchen cabinets

The easiest way to get fabulous new cabinets without breaking the bank is to simply reface your doors. After all, how often do guests go nosing through your kitchen cabinets to if the doors perfectly match the interior? It can be your little secret!

Kitchen Tip: Spectacular sinks

To achieve a seamless look we recommend buying an undermount sink. Not only does it provide a nice cohesive design but cleanup is a breeze when you can easily sweep the debris in to the sink. You can also upgrade your sink will a little color.

Kitchen Tip: Back to backsplashes

Backsplash is like the ‘bling’ of the kitchen. The backsplash is the perfect spot to show off your personality. Porcelain subway tile is a pretty go-to option when budget is a concern. It always looks effortlessly elegant and suits a variety of color schemes and decor styles.

General kitchen makeover tips:

-Pick and stick to your budget. Plan your budget around what you want the most and then crunch numbers surrounding that item. Whether it is the top of the line fridge, or new floors.

-Swapping kitchen accessories in and out, such as dishtowels and counter-worthy accessories, is another simple and effective way to change the color and feel of a kitchen with minimal cost.

-Paint. Never underestimate the power of paint. You can update your kitchen with paint in a variety of ways. You can make it clean and fresh with a sharp white, or soft and feminine with a pastel.

-You can also change hardware on cupboards and drawers to give your space the feeling of a brand new kitchen.

Whatever your kitchen dreams are give us a call and we will help build that dream.




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