2 Overlooked Aspects of Kitchen Remodeling

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Is there anything more exciting than finally starting a kitchen remodeling project? We sure don’t think so. But, let’s face it, a kitchen remodel is an enormous (and often expensive) undertaking. Before you dive in, there are lots of things to consider. Check out these two often overlooked design considerations before you put the finishing touches on your plan.

Kitchen Remodeling: Islands

Kitchen islands are an incredibly popular kitchen remodeling, and for good reason. They offer extra counterspace and storage, and they often become a gathering place during parties. For an island to work in your kitchen, make sure that you have at least 42 inches of clearance around it for a comfortable work space.

If you are planning to have seating around the island, make sure that the counter overhangs the seating area by about 12 inches so that guests don’t end up bumping their knees against the cabinetry.

kitchen remodelingKeep your kitchen functional by choosing stools that can be pushed all the way under the island counter when not in use, and make sure the seat is no taller than 26 inches to keep guests happy.

A kitchen island with legs can make a small kitchen seem a bit more roomy by creating the illusion that it is floating above the ground. This is a fresh, modern look, but the drawback is that you will have to sweep under the island regularly. For this reason, legs work best on a small island, while a large one should employ traditional plinths and kick boards.

Kitchen Remodeling: Lighting

Once upon a time it was common to have just one overhead light in a kitchen. Even with the brightest bulbs, this system often left the corners of the room in shadow, making it difficult for cooks to do their best work.

kitchen remodelingA solid kitchen lighting plan still utilizes overhead lighting, but it also includes accent lighting and task lighting. Make sure that you plan bright, focused downlight to shine on all of your major food preparation areas. Decorative pendants can work well over an island, while halogen spotlights can be placed under wall cabinets to shine on countertops.

Accent lights can add a soft glow in cabinets with glass doors or can be focused on a painting, poster or other decorative objects. Varying the levels of lights creates interest and keeps your work lights from feeling too harsh or flattening out the look of your kitchen in their glare. — From Modernize

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