2014 Home Design Trends Recap Part 2

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In 2013 Houzz’s site editor gave her eight top home design trends for 2014. Below we have listed four of her predictions. Do you think these trends were popular and which ones will carry over in to 2015?

Low Maintenance Lawns

Tired of mowing the lawn? You’re in luck. Native ground cover plants and more creatively landscaped green spaces are increasingly popular as people opt out of traditional, water-dependent expanses of grass. Not only do these lawns require less time but it is more cost efficient.

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High-End Urinals

Urinals aren’t just for public restrooms anymore. A recent Houzz Poll showed that nearly two thirds of respondents would include a urinal in their home.

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Wood Grain Is Back

Wood is extremely popular as people skip the paint and opt for natural beauty. In fact, butcher block was the third most popular choice for counters, and hardwood was most popular flooring. Expect more live-edge wood (i.e., carpentry with natural edges) for both furniture and counter-tops.

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Tech in the Living Room

As the living room is becoming a virtual reality center, people are redesigning their spaces accordingly, with many skipping the coffee table entirely so they don’t have to rearrange furniture when it’s their turn to bowl on Wii Fit.

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