2014 Home Design Trends Recap

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In 2013 Houzz’s site editor gave her eight top home design trends for 2014. Below we have listed four of her predictions. Do you think these trends were popular and which ones will carry over in to 2015?

Black is the new gray

74% of home owners polled for Houzz admit to liking black walls or black rooms. We would say that both black and gray are trending for 2014, but gray will definitely maintain it’s popularity in to 2015.

home design trends

Metal Backsplashes

Tile remains the most popular backsplash material according to the Houzz, but people are increasingly selecting metal tiles and other sheet materials including stainless steel and glass.

home design trends

Smaller Smart Home Systems

Smart home units were limited to one central control unit when first implemented. Now smart phones can remote control different smart home settings.home design trends

Upgrading the Man Space

The classic man cave is emerging from the basement in many homes, often serving as a multipurpose space that isn’t hidden away behind closed doors. This space can serve as a guest space or an entertainment space as well. The multipurpose functionality of this space is very popular amount home owners.

home design trends

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