7 DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tips

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7 DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen RemodelingIf a home renovation or a redecorating project is on your to-do list, small, inexpensive home decorating projects can freshen up the living space and create a whole new ambiance. Several tips for homeowners to consider before diving into a project or complete remodel.

Function of space

“Before remodeling the kitchen, bath or any other room, consider how the space will be used. Think of whether the space needs to have versatility or flexibility,” she said.

If it’s a kitchen remodel, think about whether an island is needed or where would it be convenient to install the sink. Knowing how the space will be used helps in the planning of the project, what materials are needed, and how to lay out the space.

Consider personalities

“If you tend to be mild mannered and avoid confrontation and contract a consultant who has a strong personality, chances are, you’ll regret working him or regret the remodel of your home,” she said. Try on several until you find the perfect fit. Meet with the person and visit a home project under construction before signing a contract. It will help you find the right consultant for your project.


Organization is absolutely key. Be organized before you knock out the drywall, before you start yanking anything out. The best tip in the world is to have a plan. Having a plan will save homeowners money, time, stress and the list goes on, Bruntz said.

“The most successful projects are the ones where the home owners sorted through their thoughts and organized what they wanted before looking for a contractor or beginning the project,” she said.

She recommends using websites such as Houzz.com where homeowners can plan every detail and add their own thoughts before sharing it with her.

Another recommendation for those who prefer paper in hand is to create a binder with photos torn from magazines and newspapers and adding comments or thoughts to each photo.

“You don’t have to like the entire photo of a kitchen, but if there is an element you like, tear the photo out and add your thoughts,” she said.


Decide on materials during organization.

“Pull together different materials and decide ahead of time what will mix and match for each element. Oftentimes, do-it-yourselfers start running with a project and purchasing items as they go. Then, they regret some of the earlier choices because they find other materials they wished they could have used instead. More often than not, they are not satisfied with their project,” Bruntz said.


“Give yourself time. Come in sooner than you think you need to when working with a consultant and definitely give yourself ample time to finish the DIY, but you can also start too early,” Bruntz said.

“If you start too late, you’re making halfhearted choices. You start too early, you’re left waiting for certain materials that should have been ordered in the beginning or waiting for contractors on certain parts of the renovation.”

She said homeowners need one to two months of just planning time. It’s not a good idea to think two months is plenty of time to do a remodel, nor is it a good idea to complete a remodel just before the holidays, Bruntz said.

Embrace limitations

“It’s one thing to paint, but it’s another to install electrical or plumbing work by yourself. Even if you want to say you did the entire project by yourself, hire a plumber or electrician. They are required to carry insurance in case something goes wrong and will fix the problem. But if you did it yourself and something goes wrong, you’re out the cost for the remodel plus the cost for repairing the damage,” Bruntz said.

It’s important for a do-it-yourself person to embrace her limitations and be wise enough to hire a contractor for certain parts of the project. – Kearney Hub

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