Bathroom Remodel Guide: Floating Vanity

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Floating vanities are one of the top bathroom design trends this year and it is easy to see why they have become so popular. A standard bathroom remodel, bathroom remodeling, bathroom design, bathroom design trendsvanity cabinet both attaches to the wall and is anchored to the floor, meaning the flooring design ends at the base of the cabinet. A floating vanity is attached to the wall only and therefore gives the appearance of “floating” above the floor and of the floor design extending wall-to-wall.

Wall-hanging vanities have typically been associated with contemporary designs, because of the sleek and simple lines of this vanity style. With a greater availability of styles, colors, and materials, today’s floating vanity cabinet is no longer exclusively intended for modern bathroom remodel styles. There are sizes to suit all bathrooms, and a style to complement any bathroom design. So whether you are remodeling a large, spa-style master bathroom or a small, contemporary powder room, a floating vanity may be the perfect choice for you.

Although a floating vanity could be added to your bathroom at any time, ideally it should be done as part of a complete bathroom renovation so that provisions can be made for securely installing the vanity cabinet to the wall. A wall-hanging vanity can be an eye-catching focal point in your new bathroom, and it can be completed with a variety of sink styles and hardware. There are also a number of practical benefits associated with a floating vanity.

Here are just a few of the benefits of incorporating a floating vanity cabinet into your new bathroom remodel:

  • Unlike a standard vanity cabinet, which must be installed to the floor, a floating vanity can be installed at any height for the comfort of the household members.
  • A floating vanity gives the illusion of more space as it provides unbroken floor space throughout your bathroom.
  • It is more practical for cleaning as it keeps the floor clear and there are no awkward edges to clean around at the base of the cabinet.
  • The variety of cabinets available today include larger cabinets that provide ample storage space, either with open shelves or a standard closed cabinet.
  • Floating vanities suit any size room, but they are very beneficial for a smaller bathroom as the open floor space underneath the cabinet visually opens up a smaller bathroom.
  • If you are installing radiant floor heating, a floating vanity allows a greater floor area to give off heat.

If you are planning a new bathroom remodel, a floating vanity may be just what you need to relaunch your bathroom style. Visit our design gallery for more bathroom ideas or contact us for more information.


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