High-end Bathroom Remodeling in Medina

Location: Medina, OH

Quick Overview

This bathroom remodel involved a complete gut and redesign of an old, awkward bathroom layout. We worked with the owner to come up with a design that would maximize a spacious floor plan and cupboard space. See the story and photos below (click on images to make them larger)


The Situation

The original bathroom layout was completely awkward, and the owner didn’t like how the space was utilized. Part of the problem was the location of the tub – it took up a lot of space in the corner. Also, there was a separate enclosed area for the toilet, which was another massive waste of space. Finally, the tub was a basic fiber glass unit, and the owner was ready for an upgrade.


The Bathroom Remodel

Our remodeling pros worked with the owner to identify two main objectives:
  1.  create a floor plan that used space efficiently
  2.  upgrade the overall quality of the bathroom.

The Result: 

  •  Extra space – We re-thought the entire layout.
    • The bathtub was rearranged to a more convenient location, and we also removed the enclosed toilet area. Both of these changes drastically increased the space in the bathroom.
    • We added a tower on the countertops to allow for more, convenientstorage space.
  • High-Quality – Since this was an older bathroom, there were many quality upgrades that made a huge difference, such as:
    • Quartz countertops that will last for years
    • Beautiful, high-end cabinets with plenty of room
    • Modern light fixtures in just the right places
    • Replacing the basic fiberglass tub with a bathtub that’s more like a spa (can you say relaxing?).
Most importantly, the lady of the house was tickled pink! Wouldn’t you be if your bathroom looked like this:

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