Bathroom Remodeling | Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Bathroom

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Bathroom Remodeling | Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling | As one of the region’s leading general contractors, we can remodel your bathroom so that it looks contemporary, sleek and attractive.

Generally, we leave the decorating of the remodeled bathroom to the homeowner, who will often bring an interior decorator in to handle the interior design.

Bathroom Basics

Working with designers and decorators, we’ve learned quite a bit about bathroom decor. One of the most important lessons is that simple is often the best approach.

Bathrooms that have an overcomplicated, busy design generally aren’t as attractive as simpler bathroom designs that feature white, off-white or another single color scheme.

Light vs Dark

Another thing we’ve learned is that overall lighter colors tend to work better in bathrooms than darker ones.

There are two reasons for this: First, bathrooms often don’t have as many windows as other rooms in the house. That means there isn’t as much natural light. So darker colors in a room without windows are going to look darker than they would anywhere else in the house.

Second, most people prefer that their bathrooms look clean. White or lighter colors help reinforce this concept. If a bathroom is decorated with darker colors, it often won’t look as clean — even if it truly is spotless.

Time after Time

Another consideration is the timelessness of your design. You’ve probably seen bathrooms that look dated, featuring designs that probably were the height of fashion in the ’90s or ’80s but are hopelessly outdated today.

Unless you want to have to keep updating your bathroom decor every couple of years, you probably will be better off choosing a more timeless decor. Stay away from wallpaper, paint schemes, and other design features that may seem dated in the not-too-distant future.

Everybody has their own taste, so how you design and decorate your bathroom is entirely up to you. We’re just passing along some lessons we’ve learned over the years to help you make a more informed decision. – Build and Rehab Bath

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