Bathroom Remodeling | Creating a Senior Friendly Bathroom

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Bathroom Remodeling | Creating a Senior Friendly Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling | There are several reasons why bathroom remodeling is very important and becomes necessary in later years of our lives. One reason is for safety considerations. As we grow older we need more safety precautions to avoid accidents from happening. Our muscles tends to grow weaker and our bones don’t support us like they use to do.

Our sense of balance will suddenly desert us and our eyesight isn’t as accurate anymore. Everything about us can’t be trusted anymore. Our diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis and other systemic illnesses are highly responsible for these.

One of the bathroom parts that may be a source of constant mishaps are the doors, both the bathroom and shower doors.

One important thing we can do is to change them to doors made of lighter materials to push them open easier. The door should open on both sides by pushing it so that there’s no need to pull it. There should be a mechanism that will allow it to stay open so that when somebody’s trying to get in they wouldn’t have to deal with it closing back on them. For older people this can be very dangerous.

The shower door should be break resistant and made of safety glass materials. We should avoid using ordinary glass. Accidents can happen and when they’re hit hard they can splinter into small pieces. Ordinary glass can cut you. Safety glass on the other hand will break into small pebble like sizes. They are harmless and won’t cut you in anyway even if you step on them barefoot.

The door size may have to be widened some more in order to accommodate wheelchairs and walking aids. Without a wheel chair, the elderly may fall.

Another important bathroom renovation is installing handle bars inside the bathroom. Handle bars can help in maintaining balance. They should be easy to grip and neither too high or too low. They’re especially important near toilet bowls and in shower areas. Non corrosive and rust resistant metals would be ideal.  They are maintenance free. Rusts and corrosive metals can cut our hands. Aluminum, stainless steel, and nickel plated metals are some of the leading candidates that will make wonderful handle bars.

If the flooring is made of slippery tiles, they may have to be changed as well. It’s too risky to keep them. The expense may be little bit high but if money is available, floors are the most critical part of the bathroom. The elderly may suffer from broken bones, especially hip bones that have rendered them bed ridden and dependent on wheel chair.

Other areas that need improvements are the lighting system and the flow of ventilation. Lights should be powerful enough for us to see what’s on the floor. They should not be glaring. The older we grow, our lungs need more oxygen. Lack of it will make us dizzy losing our balance. – Build and Rehab Bath

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