Bathroom Remodeling | Finding the Best Tile for Your Bathroom

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Bathroom Remodeling | Finding the Best Tile for Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling | A vintage look is one thing, but if your bathroom hasn’t been remodeled since Jimmy Carter was president, it may be time for an upgrade. Even if you have renovated your bathroom a little more recently, you may be looking for a change to freshen the space up. One surprisingly easy way to give your bathroom a completely new look is to add tiling on the floor or along the walls.

Tiles are an incredibly versatile decorating tool because they come in so many different styles and materials and can be arranged into a seemingly infinite number of patterns. Below are a few ideas for including tile in your modern bathroom design, but they by no means represent all the options available to you. For more ideas, talk to your custom home builder or remodeler.

Straight line tiles vs. curved surfaces. While some people choose tiles to complement their existing bathroom fixtures, you can go for a more dramatic look by using tiles on the floor or walls to define straight lines in contrast to a curved bath, sink, and other rounded decorative elements (like an oval-shaped mirror). Want even more contrast? Think about how you can make the color of the tiles stand out from your bathroom fixtures (for example, if the shower and toilet are white, you might choose a darker color for your tile).

Diagonal tiles. Here’s a useful trick: if you install square tiles diagonally (so that they look like diamonds) you can make a small bathroom look larger (or you can make a large bathroom look even more grand). The diagonal grout gives the viewer’s eye a longer line to follow, creating the sense that there’s more space.

Mosaic tiles as an accent or frame. There’s no reason why you have to cover your entire bathroom in tile. If you’re looking for a smaller scale remodeling project, consider using colorful mosaic tiles sparingly to create a border, accent, or frame. For example, you might add a thin border of tales on the wall above the bathtub to define that space, or you might use tiles to frame the mirror above the sink.

Tiles in shades of blue. Tiles in several shades of blue have become a popular choice in some homes because they create a peaceful, oceanside atmosphere in the bathroom (the idea is that the tiles mimic water). This look isn’t for everyone, but it often works well with white fixtures and good lighting. Remember, if you like the idea of blue tiles but think it would be too overwhelming to cover your entire bathroom in them, you can always use them as an accent.

Mix and match tiles. Tiles are a great tool for defining space, so consider using different sizes of tile for different sections of the bathroom. For instance, you might use smaller tiles in a grid pattern for the lower half of the wall and larger square tiles on the diagonal for the upper wall. You can also play around with mixing and matching textures; you might try smooth glass mosaic tiles paired with rougher-looking stone tiles. Don’t be afraid to play around with different combinations or ask your custom home renovator for their recommendations. – Cole Builders

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