Bathroom Remodeling | Giving Your Bathroom a Natural Look and Feel

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Bathroom Remodeling | Giving Your Bathroom a Natural Look and Feel

Bathroom Remodeling | The average person spends approximately 1.5 years of their life in the bathroom. Your bathroom should be your in-home oasis. Chipped paint, eroding tile grout, and outdated brass fixtures do not a soothing oasis make. A remodel can bring new life to a bathroom, transforming it from a utilitarian room to a personal oasis that decompresses and reinvigorates the soul. One of the biggest design trends today for bathrooms is utilizing a variety of materials to create a bathroom with a more natural feel.

Lighting is a key element in the remodel design. It can do more than just help you apply your makeup. We have a great post here on lighting your bathroom properly, check it out for more how-to tips on lighting. Concealed lighting, like seen in the Todd Oldham Bathroom, provides a soft, day-light inspired lighting scheme that promotes a certain Zen glow whenever you step into the room. When it comes to getting the right look and the right feel, the lighting can transform the aesthetic of the room.

Beyond lighting, the materials used in the room serves as a powerful design tool that promotes a tranquil, natural mood. Incorporating broad ranges of natural materials into the room can bring the serenity of nature indoors. When you visit a five star spa, the rooms aren’t unfinished white dry-wall with utilitarian cement floors. This isn’t even a remotely soothing environment to get that hot stone massage. Rather, spas incorporate stone that hints at natural rock formations and waterfalls with neutral tones that soothe the mind. The Phillippe Starck Bathroom uses stone tiles on the wall, wood grain on the floor tiles, and a soft, neutral color palate shows how the spa design can be brought home in a serene, contemporary bathroom.

Combining a variety of materials with quality, purposeful lighting can make your bathroom one of your favorite rooms in the house. A room where you start and end your day should be one that provides a healing sense of calm and offers a restoring retreat from the stresses of the life outside those four walls. – Revive Bath

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