Bathroom Remodeling | Ideas for Your Next Remodel

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Bathroom Remodeling | Ideas for Your Next Remodel

Bathroom Remodeling | Bathroom is undoubtedly one of the most beloved areas of any home. This is also one of the most frequently renovated areas. Statistics show that bathrooms are renovated more often than kitchens and other rooms This is mainly because an average bathroom has a small area, so bathroom renovation requires less time, money and effort than renovation of a kitchen or living room.

If you are about to order bathroom remodeling, here are a few renovation tips that will make this process easier and more efficient.

Experiment with Flooring

Though tile is considered the best flooring material for a bathroom, it is undoubtedly not the only suitable material you can use. If you want to give your bathroom an unusual look and infuse it with a great character, consider covering its floor with wood. Properly stained and sealed wood is durable enough and will serve you long years.

Experiment with Optical Properties of Colors

It is notorious that colors have the ability of making a room look bigger or smaller. If the bathroom is small and you want to make it optically bigger, use pastel shades that stay in the white to cream color spectrum.

Use Proper Lighting

A bathroom should have a bright lighting, as this is the place where people inspect their faces and hair. A dim lighting, concentrated only in one spot is definitely not enough. A good idea will be to add additional lighting around the bathroom mirror. A brightly lit mirror is the best place for shaving or applying make up.  To add a special mood to your bathroom, use a dimmer switch. It will make relaxing baths even more pleasant.

Recess the Bathroom

The use of various built-in accessories, like recessed  toilet roll holders, medicine cabinets or soap dishes, will give your bathroom a more elegant look.

Use More Hooks to Hang Things

The easiest way to add “surface area” to a bathroom, while not cluttering it with shelves is by using hooks. You can use hooks to hang towels, bathrobes and clothes.


Mirrors in the bathroom can be used not only for applying or checking makeup, styling hair or shaving. Mirrors can visually expand the area and make it more bright. So, if you have a small bathroom, consider hanging several big mirrors. – Newswire

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