Bathroom Remodeling | Managing Space Effectively

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Bathroom Remodeling | Managing Space Effectively

Bathroom Remodeling | Not all bathrooms were created equal, and that can be a stumbling block when trying to remodel your bathroom. Luckily, those small, awkward spaces aren’t a stylistic death sentence, but rather an opportunity to think creatively.

These three bathroom design issues are the most common and, fortunately for you, easiest to fix.

Even master suites can be tiny. For example, major metro area bathrooms are generally less than 60 square feet, which doesn’t leave much room for anything other than a shower, toilet and vanity. No matter what your bathroom size, good design opens it up to new possibilities. Tiles and countertops are a great way to add modern flare when there isn’t room for more modern fixtures.

Of course, one of the biggest concerns in small spaces is storage. While the bathroom may seem like a simple room, it’s surprisingly full. Towels, robes, curling irons, hair dryers, make-up, deodorant, cologne, shaving creams and razors, toothbrushes, maybe even a mini fridge all vie for space amid the toilet, shower and sink. When space is at a premium, cleverly placed cabinets are key. When you work with one of our great designers, they’ll carefully plan storage space for all your bathroom items–and not just under the sink.

Oddly shaped rooms can make fixture and counter placement challenging. While adding exercise to your morning routine may be on your list, jumping over your toilet to get to your shower probably isn’t what you have in mind. Our designer packages are flexible, allowing you and your installation team to customize the layouts to your space. Need to deal with a curved wall? No problem – our measurement team will determine your unique specs, which will allow us to deliver stunning style that takes your space from awkward to awesome. – Revive Bath

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