Bathroom Remodeling | Must Haves for Your Master Bath

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Bathroom Remodeling | Must Haves for Your Master Bath

Bathroom Remodeling | Sure, the bathroom is one of the most practical areas in the home, but there is a reason why people also refer to this room as the “throne room.” For most, the master bath provides no-thrills accommodations for personal grooming—but with the right renovation idea, this space can serve as a space for relaxation and rejuvenation. From ornate vintage powder rooms to state of the art home spas, there are a number of different approaches you can take towards this particular brand of home renovation. But regardless of personal style, some items are essential.

With these luxurious bathroom remodeling additions, you can turn your bland water closet into a sanctuary dedicated to personal health and relaxation.


Whether you’re going for a style that is full of classic luxury or trying to create a look that’s more contemporary, a drop-in bath is key. Installing a drop-in bath into your bathroom reinforces the idea that this space is as much about comfort as it is about functionality. These fixtures are ideal centerpieces for larger bathrooms and offer day-spa luxury to you and your loved ones year-round.

Drop-in baths have a finished rim and are designed to drop into a deck or custom
surround. They can be installed in corners, peninsulas and islands, or can be sunk
into the floor.


The shower is usually the most overlooked feature in the bathroom. But it doesn’t have to be this way: The stand-alone shower has the potential to offer the same level of comfort as a luxury bathtub. One way to upgrade your stand-alone shower is to transform it into a steam shower. Steam showers allow you to indulge in the healing powers of steam technology. These bathroom upgrades typically feature massage showerheads and sauna capabilities, making them ideal for any homeowner seeking relief from aching muscles and sore joints.

Even if you don’t want to change the look of your stand-alone shower, you can still it by installing a steam-head and system to your shower. To complete the spa look, install a seat stool and let your shower double as a steam sauna.


Another luxurious addition to any bathroom is floor heat. For days when it’s a little chilly or when it’s time to really relax, a Nuheat Floor Heating System provides soothing warmth to almost any flooring surface.

Nuheat heating mats are placed under the flooring to safely warm the entire room. Depending on the size of your space, you may want to install more than one to provide the quality of heat you want throughout your entire bathroom floor.


Wedi panels are great in that they are completely water proof, and make it easy to fit custom spaces and fixtures. While often used within the range of wedi shower systems, it is also a formidable tile backer board for use on walls, floors, countertops and many more applications.

The wedi panels, which combine tile backer board and waterproofing in one product, can be applied to shower walls and wet areas perpendicular or parallel to the framing, saving time, money and reducing wear and tear on the materials. The best part of all, though, is that your shower structure is completely covered by their warranty.


The vanity is by far the most utilitarian feature of the bathroom, but it can also enhance the rest of the room’s features when chosen properly.

The vanity is meant to complement and reinforce the look of the room, so when making a change to your vanity, finding a congruent style is key. With that in mind, make sure all its parts, from the sink to cabinet knobs, fall in line with a single theme.

If you’re looking for a more modern look, select pieces that are sleek and use minimalist design. However, those with vintage bathrooms may consider picking out more ornate or vintage-inspired fixtures to reinforce their bath’s retro style.

These tips and ideas can provide homeowners with a much needed refuge from the stress of every day life. However, bathroom remodeling isn’t for the everyday do-it-yourselfer. Before you take up your next renovation project, consult the advice of a design professional and come up with a plan that will transform your average-looking washroom into a luxurious home spa. – Revive Bath

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